• Jesse Mendes

    How’s this Jesse
    On a early morning surf check last December Jesse Mendes looked to the sky and asked his creator for courage. Sunset Beach was sending 15ft bombs in off the west peak and WCT requalification was on the line. Like all CT Rookies ,Jessie or “Litou” as his mates call him had been through a long year. Stepping up against the worlds best on the CT can demolish anyone’s ego. Jesse had faith though, he knew he could bring it and bring it he did. He smashed the door down with a runner up finish at the ultimate QS of the year. Ten days later his name was on the Triple Crown trophy as the best competitive Hawaiian season for 2019. His faith had been repaid in glory. Jesse who’s trilingual with Spanish and English backing up his mother tongue of Portuguese loves nothing better than relaxing with his guitar and eating the house down. During the 2018 European leg of the CT he found some magic Bradley surfboards under his feet and a new partnership was born. Welcome to our team Jesse! 2019 is waiting for you to knock down some more doors and take it to the next level. As apimentadas: tudo ou nada!

    •  Date of birth: 09/01/1993
    •  Hometown: Guarujá - São Paulo
    •  Stance: Goofy 
    •  Best trick: Air
    •  Preferred spot: Pipeline
    •  Preferred artist: Dave grohl ( foo fighters singer)
    •  Best movie: Step Brothers
    •  Best event: Pipe Masters
    •  Can’t live without: Food


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