• Lennox Chell

    Lennox Chell was named after the mythical right point on the northern coast of New South Wales. His father Sam ripped hard as a young man, sparring with Shane Powell who was the original adversary of Kelly. So you could imagine that Lennox was destined to have his feet firmly planted on fiberglass before too long. And that’s how it happened, Lennox starting surfing at the ripe age of three. Ten years later Lennox turns heads when he hits the water. He has the smile of a happy kid, a kid who is comfortable in his own skin.  His style is fluid and sweet, like honey on a hot day. He slides into barrels backside like he was born in there and his forehand wraps makes us envious. On a typical day Lennox try’s to surf before school which is THE priority. He is in the top percentage of his class but that isn’t surprising, Lennox values the rewards of hard work. He puts on his tie and his polished leather shoes and learns. Yet on those other days that aren’t so typical for most kids Lennox might wax up his gun and take on Waimea Bay. He did that for the first time at 11 years old. On holidays Lennox goes to the Mentawai’s where he paddles into his favourite wave on the planet, Macca’s.  Lennox loves surfing and surfing loves Lennox and so another salty future is looking good.

    •  Date of brith: 11/08/2003
    •  Hometown: Avoca Beach
    •  Stance: Goofy
    •  Best trick: Air reverse
    •  Preferred spot: Macaronis
    •  Preferred artist: ACDC
    •  Best movie: Red Dog
    •  Best event: Skullcandy grom comp, Lennox Head
    •  Quote: "Hard work beats talent if talent doesn't work hard"
    •  Can’t live without: Family, friends, ocean, surfing, food


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