In Europe as the wind starts to chill the early morning air the wild geese are inextricably drawn to the south to find warmth. Such are the greatest surfboard shapers in the world drawn to Euroglass for the Quiksilver Pro in Hossegor. The chance to shape for the world’s best on the old continent is irresistible. Offshore winds and soul enhancing red wine make the migration quite a pleasure.

  • Simon Anderson or Mr 3 as we could nickname him is a regular in the Euroglass factory in early October. With his wife Sharon they come as much for the smooth French wine as they do for the surfboard industry functions.
  • Mark Richards or Mr 4 as we could say due to his monumental run of 4 world titles at the birth of professional surfing doesn’t come as often. 2017 will be one of the millĂ©simes we will remember with Mark in the factory everyday.
  • The future of professional surfing is talking of changing the calendar. How will this play out and affect this massive migration of surfers and shapers alike? Only time will tell.

    Photos by Bosko