The Game of Thrones brought this expression back into vogue as its medieval charm and gratuitous nudity rolled over its competition like a steamroller squashing ants.

  • Surfers like Othmane Choufani and Alex Zirke may or may not be oblivious to the charms of Lady Sansa but they aren’t unaware of the chest pumping adrenalin winter brings with her.
  • The eternal quest isn’t chasing summer days in bikinis and board shorts for these hunters of heaving hatred. Winter will bring depression to certain men and women as the sun slowly disappears and the cold sets in.
  • For others the depression will be of the meteorological kind that delivers long lines of energy captured by the winds they disperse.
  • The boards these hunters need are awe inspiring and often leave most of us rather dry in the mouth and feeling inadequate. For others they offer the vision and opportunity to catch the wave of their life.
  • And after all, isn’t that what we are all searching for.

Products used in this adventure