• Noa Dupouy

    Noa Dupouy first walked into Euroglass when he was 5 years old and lit the factory up with his electrical personality. Noa can’t sit still and when he is on a wave you better keep your eyes on the action as he will blow up when you blink. Noa has surfing DNA pulsing through his veins. His father and uncle are the local royalty at his home beach and he grew up watching Vincent Duvignac show him what was possible. He has catlike reflexes that transcend surfing, he is as just talented on a skate or snowboard. Where Noa decides to use his talent will be the big question. What do you get when you mix Rob Machado, Shawn White and Tony Hawk? Noa will show us what!

    •  Age: 13
    •  Hometown: Mimizan / Capbreton 
    •  Stance: Goofy
    •  Best trick: Full cork rotation 
    •  Preferred spot: Lakey Peak
    •  Preferred artist: Kev Adams
    •  Best movie: Les Profs 2
    •  Best event: Teahupoo 
    •  Can’t live without: Family,  surf, skate, snowboard 


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